Panel on the ‘Digital Turn’ at the 15th EASA Biennial Conference


Philipp Budka (University of Vienna), Elisabetta Costa (Faculty of Arts, University of Groningen) & Sahana Udupa (Ludwig Maximilian University)

This panel recognizes the digital turn as a paradigm shift in the anthropological study of media, and aims to push further the ethnographic knowledge into the role that digital media play in people’s everyday life and broader sociopolitical transformations. Foregrounding three important streams of exploration, the panel is currently accepting ethnographic and or theoretical papers on the gendered dimension of digital practices that introduce innovative theoretical insights into the relationship between gender and the digital; extreme speech and online vitriol aimed at refugees, migrants, sexual minorities and other vulnerable communities, but online extreme speech as also a means for political contestation; and material dimensions of digital visualities as constituting features of new ways of communication and interaction.

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