Online Media Cultures and Middle Class Politics

The expansion of Internet-­enabled media has sparked new hopes of political participation, and new arenas for public debate and political action in urban India. The project explores these vibrant forms of debate cultures and political participation that have emerged with social media. Ongoing research has revealed how digitally mediated national imaginaries are a prominent strand of online media political cultures, which have developed as a zone of confrontation among net savvy middle class users. Current work is exploring the way market inflected socio-technological practices such as gamification, net busyness and trolling, and everyday contexts of Internet use shape the political practices of Hindu nationalist volunteers and activists of millennial political parties such as the Aam Aadmi Party and Loksatta. The study is based on ethnographic fieldwork among online users in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, and content analysis of social media debates.

Lead Researcher: Sahana Udupa


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