Peter Hervik

Peter Hervik

Peter Hervik is associate professor at the Department of Culture and Global Stuides, Aalborg University, Denmark. He is known for his influential work on the Muhammad cartoon crisis in Denmark, and critical research into how media representations affect migrant minorities in Nordic countries. He has also conducted research among the Yucetec Maya of Mexico. His books include Racialization, Racism and anti-Racism in the Nordic Countries. (ed.), (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018), Can Behaviour Be Controlled? Women in Post-Revolutionary Egypt. (With Mette Toft Nielsen), (Peter Lang, 2017), The Annoying Difference. The Emergence of Danish Neonationalism, Neoracism, and Populism in the Post-1989 World. (Berghahn Books, 2011) and Mayan Lives Within and Beyond Boundaries. Social Categories and Lived Identity in Yucatan, (Routledge, 2001). At Aalborg University, he leads a five-year funded research project (1 million euros), “Study of Experiences and Resistance to Racialization in Denmark”. He has published in Television & New Media, Race and Class, Intersections, Journal of International Migration and Integration, Cultural sociology, European Journal of Cultural Studies, Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology and other peer reviewed journals.


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