Nadja-Christina Schneider

Nadja-Christina Schneider

Nadja-Christina Schneider is a cooperation partner with For Digital Dignity, Project ONLINERPOL and Professor in Gender and Media Studies for the South Asian Region at Humboldt University Berlin. She holds a PhD in South Asian Studies and has a background in South Asian Studies, Islamic Studies and Modern History. Between October 2009 and February 2017, she was responsible for the then newly established Cross-Sectional Department Media and Society at the Institute for Asian and African Studies, Humboldt University Berlin. Her areas of interest include Area Media Studies, Gender and Mobility Studies and Urban Movement Studies. Schneider has worked and published on the role of the Indian press in the context of the Shah Bano case and subsequent debate on Muslim Personal Law; on the development of the Indian media system and changing media environments in post-liberalization India; documentary filmmakers working on Gender and Islam and on the emergence of Delhi as a cinematic city. She is currently preparing a book on the visualization of new reproductive technologies and changing family constellations in fictional and documentary films. Her most recent publications include a co-edited volume titled “Studying Youth, Media and Gender in Post-Liberalisation India. Focus on and beyond the ‘Delhi Gang Rape’” (2015, with Fritzi-Marie Titzmann) and a co-edited volume titled “New Media Configurations and Socio-Cultural Dynamics in Asia and the Arab World (2015, with Carola Richter).


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