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New Podcast Episode! The Mediated Construction of Reality and E-petitions in India

In this episode we speak with Nick Couldry about the Mediated Construction of Reality and Nida Hasan from India about e-petitions.

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Global Digital Media Cultures and Extreme Speech

22 – 24 February 2018

Recent political upheavals in Europe and the US have once again highlighted the paradoxical nature of contemporary digital communication. The celebratory discourse of digital technologies’ potential for openness and democracy is now eclipsed by the “dark side” of new media as a platform for promoting hate speech, fake news, terrorism, misogyny and intergroup conflict.

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Digital Politics in Millennial India

15-17 March 2018

The phenomenal expansion of Internet media in India in the last two decades has enabled new forms of political participation in the public domain, while also facilitating hitherto unimagined ways of consolidating domination and state power

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